This may be the best time of the year to have your fence installed in Columbus Nebraska!

The Best Time of the Year to Install Your New Fence


Most people don’t put a lot of thought into when the best time of year is to install a new fence, and most people wouldn’t guess it either, but the answer is in the cooler months of the year. After reading the following list of reasons why, you might just be calling us here at American Fence for your free estimate!

Allow your fence to season.

The heat and the strength of UV rays in the Columbus Nebraska summer can dry the wood pickets out too quickly, causing warping and splitting. Fall and winter allow for a slower and more even drying time leaving your fence looking straighter for longer.

Avoid the spring rush.

The warmer months are typically when the majority of people consider upgrading or installing a new fence. Between the rush of weddings, graduations, kids out of school for the summer; or just all the other home improvement projects taking up the little free time and, if we’re being honest, budget.

Contractors are prepared.

Our team at American Fence is prepared to handle countless conditions, including the cold winter weather. In fact, experts like us have the tools and experience to install your fence in the fall and winter seasons so you can be positive the cooler weather doesn’t leave installers are compromising on quality.

Potentially save yourself some cash.

It isn’t uncommon to find a great deal on material that was specially ordered for a project that perhaps, changed in scope, or came in the wrong size, or color that could work for the fence project you have in mind.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your fence or buying a new fence, contact American Fence today! We will help you find a fence type to match your needs and the style of your home so it blends seamlessly into your yard or deck. Contact us today!

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