Answer all of your access control needs now with American Access Company

American Access Control is the newest member of the American Fence Company family and we are so excited to finally be able to put such a strong focus on access control. American Access Company is an access control vendor and we sell items such as receivers, transmitters, photo eyes, barrier arms, gate operators and much more. We have a dedicated team of experts trained by top manufacturers to design, maintain and install access control systems. The main purpose of American Access Company is to:

  • Fix existing control operators, equipment and gate parts
  • Offer new automated gate systems that include all components, programming and wiring
  • Upgrade existing access control systems to be code compliant with the most recent changes in the industry
  • Bring access control systems into the modern era by integrating the latest Wifi, Bluetooth and cloud-based solutions

A motor wired to a keypad is not going to cut it anymore for operating a gate. Current automated access control systems need to have internet-enabled gate control and safety devices. Property owners need to be able to control and monitor their gates remotely as well as open them.

Staying on top of the constantly improving access control industry is difficult work. It requires an invested crew of professionals who know everything about the latest access control technology. Gate operators have complex mechanics that are imperative for keeping the gate from dropping on any pedestrians or vehicles.

Along with the access control, the maximum security industry has been consistently learning and improving to create top notch security options. It’s now possible to create a 40’ wide by 13’ tall swinging gate that can shut in under three seconds; as well as a 2,000 lb. hydraulic wedge that rises in under two seconds to stop a 10,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph within 3 feet of initial impact. These products are being utilized from power plants to airports.

American Access Company was created as a solution to all of these things. We have a growing arsenal of offered products and we have a trained and dedicated team ready to help with any and all access control needs. For more information or a look at the products we offer, visit us today.

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