Rental fence is a great temporary option with American Fence Company – Lincoln

Unique protection that is receptive to change while staying just as secure are needed for occasions such as concerts, special events and construction sites. American Fence Company – Lincoln offers rental fence that will maintain a flexible border that still offers great protection.

American Fence Company offers these 3 styles of rental fence for installation and removal:

  1. Portable panel system – Portable panel systems use a panel and stand system with a weight to hold it in place, usually a bag of sand. This style is used for temporary fencing jobs that may be installed on concrete or that will need to be changed or adjusted.
  2. In-ground temporary fence –  This style of fence has posts that are anchored firmly in the ground. This is the sturdiest and most popular style of rental fence.
  3. Screened temporary fence – Windscreen and in-ground fencing is generally included in screened temporary fence. The screening from this style can add additional privacy while also reducing the amount of dirt or debris that blows in or out to bordering spaces.

American Fence Company of Lincoln is an expert in temporary fence and will work closely with you through your entire purchase. This starts with your style selection all the way to placing your temporary fence. To get a free quote, you can call American Fence Company of Lincoln today at 402-467-2511 or you can shoot a request online.

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